Monday, February 13, 2012

Book Review - "Heirloom Bulbs for Today"

Chris Wiesinger, “The Bulb Hunter” has teamed-up with landscape designer and award winning author Cherie Foster Colburn to produce an innovative view of Heirloom Bulbs.  Most garden books and magazines tell you about the culture of plants, but this book takes it a step further to reveal not only the bulb’s past, but the people who grew and nurtured it.

I also found wonderful botanical illustrations by South African artists Loela Barry & Johan Kritzinger and loads of photographs to depict the cultivars and the Historic places they can be found.  The Historic homes, gardens, and cemeteries highlighted throughout the book really takes the reader on a bulb hunt across the Southern region of the U.S.

To my surprise, at the very end of the book, Cherie and Loela have designed a sample garden layout that features the bulbs referenced throughout the book.  They have also included perennial companion plants for their low-maintenance garden.  Loela’s illustrations of their sample garden depict its progress thru the seasons of the year.

I really enjoyed reading this book and will use it as a future reference for Heirloom Bulbs. To read and learn more about heirloom bulbs and how Chris has rescued bulbs to put them back into America's gardens, please visit The Southern Bulb Company website.

--By Lynn Slackman

Friday, February 3, 2012

Tribute to Linda Smith from MARLS

In Memory of Linda K. Smith

What a splendid wife, mother, and grandmother. She and husband, Ray, were real “Teammates”! They shared their love of family, friends, and the community. Most especially with their children and grandchildren. Oh…and did I mention LILIES? (Most certainly!)

Linda was a prize student of horticulture at East Central College. From these studies, she became a teacher. Once more a rich fulfillment was to be realized.

All along the way, Linda was most proficient in her growing of award-winning lilies. Out of this love she became a judge and president of the Mid America Regional Lily Society. In time, she was elected to the NALS Board…later to its presidency.

With her term completed, she accepted Chair of the Judges Accreditation Committee. Husband Ray always at her side, assuring his support!

Though failing in health, she kept up her valiant spirit. Touching many lives, Linda made this truly a better world. Sadly gone from our midst now….our memories remain. How warm and comforting they will always be.

Linda Smith…so fondly remembered.
---Fred Winterowd

Tribute to Harold Schrei from MARLS

The Mid America Regional Lily Society extends our deepest sympathy to the family of Harold (Hal) Schrei. Hal passed away on August 11th, 2010 at the age of 94 years old. Hal leaves his wife Dorothy and two sons Bob and Dick.

Hal and his wife Dorothy were very valuable members of the Mid America Regional Lily Society. Some of Hal’s supportive work is listed below;

Charter member of MARLS,
First Treasurer of MARLS,
Past president of MARLS,
MARLS Board Member,
NALS Board Member,
Official photographer for MARLS,
Lily Show Chairman,
NALS Accredited Judge

Hal entered many prize lilies in our shows, and was a consistent winner. He has opened their garden for tours and presented slide shows to many garden clubs and other interested groups. He made all aware of the ease of growing lilies and incorporating them into the garden. Hal’s wife Dorothy was the MARLS treasurer for eight years and handled the extra duties involved with the MARLS sponsored NALS shows in St Louis.

MARLS members will remember Hal as a very reliable MARLS supporter who was very dependable, very organized and very much a leader.