Friday, February 3, 2012

Tribute to Linda Smith from MARLS

In Memory of Linda K. Smith

What a splendid wife, mother, and grandmother. She and husband, Ray, were real “Teammates”! They shared their love of family, friends, and the community. Most especially with their children and grandchildren. Oh…and did I mention LILIES? (Most certainly!)

Linda was a prize student of horticulture at East Central College. From these studies, she became a teacher. Once more a rich fulfillment was to be realized.

All along the way, Linda was most proficient in her growing of award-winning lilies. Out of this love she became a judge and president of the Mid America Regional Lily Society. In time, she was elected to the NALS Board…later to its presidency.

With her term completed, she accepted Chair of the Judges Accreditation Committee. Husband Ray always at her side, assuring his support!

Though failing in health, she kept up her valiant spirit. Touching many lives, Linda made this truly a better world. Sadly gone from our midst now….our memories remain. How warm and comforting they will always be.

Linda Smith…so fondly remembered.
---Fred Winterowd

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