Saturday, April 14, 2012

Annual Spring Lilium Bulb Sale

The annual Mid America Regional Lily Society spring bulb sale is next weekend!   This is chance to add some gorgeous lilies to your garden for some large accent blooms this summer.  Liliums are easy to grow, and will return blooms each year, if planted and cared for properly.  Make sure you plant them in well-drained soil that is not remaining overly wet.  They also like cool feet and warm heads, so mulch the base of the plant and plant it somewhere that receives at least 4-6 hours of sun each day.  You should also promptly plant your lily bulbs.  These are LIVE bulbs that need to be planted as soon as possible.  Cover the bulbs with 3-4 inches of soil for smaller bulbs and 4-6 inches for larger bulbs.  One last tip…as soon as the bulbs are planted WATER THEM!

We have a wonderful selection of up-facing, down-facing and side-facing Asiatic Lilium with lots of vibrant colors.  Don’t miss out on the ‘Royal Sunset’ LA Hybrid…this is a MUST for your garden!  The blooms are very colorful, and look just like the picture on the MARLS web site.  If you don’t have a lot of space then the Pot–Borders do great in pots and add some extra color to your patio.  Another MUST, for that extraordinary lilium fragrance, try the Oriental or Species bulbs we have available.  You will be rewarded with that wonderful lily floral fragrance.  Last…but certainly not least…don’t forget the large OT Hybrid or Trumpets.  Whether you have a small or large garden these tall Liliums can certainly add both fragrance and extraordinary accent to your garden.

Take a look at our selection of bulbs on our Bulb Sale Selection pages, and join us on Saturday and Sunday, April 21st – 22nd at the Missouri Botanical Garden, to select some Liliums for your garden.  We will have ‘Starter’ bulb bags available for those who just need a few bulbs to get started. Hope we see you there!