Friday, July 20, 2012

MARLS Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Fred & Jean Winterowd,
Founding Members

The Mid America Regional Lily Society celebrated their 30th anniversary on a warm summer day at our annual Lilium Mini Show.  This year we were blessed to hold this event at the Peterson’s residence.  As we all toured Kim’s Lily garden and Roy’s vegetable and fruit garden we were in awe of these wonderful horticultural surroundings.  The Peterson’s purchased their city lots over 20 years ago, and have turned their house and gardens into an oasis in the city. 

Everyone brought delightful food for our buffet and beautiful Lilium stems from their gardens for a small Lilium Show at our annual summer event.   Our Accredited and Student judges gave their opinions and critiques for each of the Lilium on display.   No official prizes were given at this event, just the reward of getting together to discuss the different aspects of each of the Lilium on display, and practicing our Lily Show judging.

During our annual meeting at the Lilium Mini Show, both Jean and Fred reminisced about the beginning of the Mid America Regional Lily Society.  Here are some of their thoughts on ‘The Making of a Regional’;

As both Jean and Fred toured the brightly-colored fields of Oregon Bulb Farm, they were met by several fellow members of the Regionals.  They noted our Missouri Badges…and, in an instance, they happily recommended that we form a Missouri Regional!

They promised to help us get organized, and that they did!  Among the most prominent helpers were: Dorothy Schaefer (Iowa), Julius Wadekamper (North Star), along with Hugh & Ruth Coker, Mike Heger, and others.  We were ‘On Our Way’!

Fred & Jean recruited mostly friends for our founding members.  As Charter Members…we/they began life-long friendships that continue to this day.  Here’s to 30 more…as we all HAIL LILIUM!

As our Lilum Mini Show events were winding down, a group of Lily Enthusiasts on tour from Kansas City, stopped by to enjoy the Peterson’s garden and share some wonderful 30th anniversary cake with us.  We will do our best to mentor their enthusiasm and perhaps they will be interested in forming another Regional in the Midwest.

--By Lynn Slackman and Fred Winterowd

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