Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lilies in the Landscape

'Royal Sunset' Lilium
Fred Winterowd, founding member of the Mid America Regional Lily Society, will travel to the Dixon Gallery & Gardens in Memphis, TN on May 29, 2013 to present a lecture entitled “Lilies in the Landscape”. This presentation is scheduled to begin at Noon in the Auditorium at the Dixon Gallery.

Fred will touch on the basic elements and principles of landscape design and describe how you can incorporate Lilium into your garden.  He will also talk about the classes and variety of Lilium available to the home gardener.  In his presentation, Fred will provide answers to the questions; “Why grow Lilies?”, “Where should I place Lilies in my landscape?” and “How do I care for Lilium in my garden?

Fred will show slides depicting different types of Lilies and show simple propagation techniques.  He will also feature Lilies in a floral design demonstration, which will show you how to share Lilies indoors with your friends and neighbors.

Fred’s presentation will conclude with a question/answer session and giveaways that include a floral bouquet and Lilium bulbs.

Please contact Fred at ILEXFJ@sbcglobal.net for additional details.