Saturday, October 12, 2013

Lilium Planting at Jewel Box

On October 12th, 2013 members of the Mid America Regional Lily Society, the Parks Department, and Flora Conservancy of Forest Park joined together to further beautify a St Louis Treasure - The Jewel Box.

Members of all three groups worked together to plant 250 Lilium bulbs near the reflecting pools in front of the Jewel Box. They selected the following four varieties that will add color and beauty to the area;

 ‘Crimson Pixie’ an Asiatic Lilium,
 ‘Royal Sunset’ a Longiflorum/Asiatic Lilium,
 ‘Conca d‘or’ an Oriental/Trumpet Lilum,
 ‘Scheherazade’ another Oriental/Trumpet Lilium

Bob and Mary Lou Snider is with Tina Rein, Forest Park Garden Coordinator,
admiring signage for the new planting area.

All the Liliums are lined-out and ready to be planted in the new flower bed.

Members of Parks Department are preparing to plant the new Lilium bulbs
Members of Parks Department are preparing to plant the new Lilium bulbs.

After the Lilium bulbs were planted the volunteers also planted 50 daffodils
for additional beauty and interest in the newly planted area.

MARLS members Pam and Marti congratulating each other on a job well done.

Don Kelley presented Tina Rein, Forest Park Garden Coordinator,
and Annabeth Weil, of Flora Conservancy,
bouquets as our appreciation for their hard work in completing the initial planting.

It was a privilege to work with local groups on this beautification project. MARLS provided the Lilium bulbs and planting guidelines at the initial planting. Members of MARLS will also provide continued observations, as well as end-of-year cleanup.

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