Sunday, March 15, 2015

Progress at Jewel Box Lilium Planting

New Signs at Jewel Box Lilium Area

We are proud to unveil our new signs promoting Lilium, in the Lilium area at the Jewel Box. 

Signs promoting Lilium at the Jewel Box in Forest Park

Lilium Summer blooms are progressing

Our mid-tier blooms of 'Royal Sunset' an LA Lilium, and 'Conca d'Or' an Orienpet Lilium are blooming at the Jewel Box. 

Lilium Bloom has begun

Our first blooms, the Pixie Lilium, are blooming at the Jewel Box. 

A closer view of our Pixie blooms

Late Spring Progress

Lilium growth is on target and looking nice.

Alyssum is planted among the Lilium.

Fred and Jean at the Jewel Box planting site

Looking forward to the Summer Blooms!

Early Spring Progress 

Status simply put:  as planned!  
The daffodils are in striking peak bloom, blending our planting with others in the area. 

The bed itself looks great with only a few weeds starting. It has been visited recently by a deer, but the daffodils did their job, the beast just passed on. 

Our lilies are starting to show healthy growth peaking through the mulch.

Looking forward to their continued growth!

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