Thursday, May 8, 2014

Best Lilies for St. Louis

It’s important to purchase lilies known to thrive in your area. St. Louis has hot, humid summers that are sometimes brutal. Not all lilies tolerate this heat. Fortunately, there are many kinds that will grow well in St. Louis’ climate! These varieties are strong growers in St. Louis:
Lilium 'Royal Sunset'

Royal Sunset – a Longiflorum-Asiatic hybrid that begins blooming in mid June. It has many worthy qualities;
o  Thrives in full sun and good soil, increasing each year
o  Beautiful, complex colors of orange tipped peach flowers
o  10+ flowers per stem on handsome dark green foliage

Golden Splendor – Trumpet lily. Blooms in late June. Characteristics are;
o  Tall, striking accent planet, easy to grow
o  Bell shaped flowers of deep yellow

Scheherazade – Oriental-Trumpet lily, blooms in early July;
o  Red flowers with cream edges
o  Very tall, 6’ – 7’ when mature
o  Multiplies rapidly

Black Beauty – Oriental-Trumpet lily;
o  Small, deep red flowers with white edges, flowers face downward
o  Tall growth habit, 6’+ in good growing conditions
o  Late July bloomer

Lilium 'Black Beauty'

Most sources of lily bulbs carry these wonderful varieties among hundreds of lily choices. If you are looking for a reliable lily to grace your garden each year, you can’t go wrong with these.

--by Kim Peterson 

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