Monday, February 1, 2016

Recommended Lilium varieties for
Brightside St Louis

Gardeners in the St. Louis area often ask for help in finding the best lilies to thrive in St. Louis. The cultivars below are generally available from lily growers in the United States and Europe, and they’ve been vetted by members of the Mid America Lily Society for being hardy in our St. Louis area.

Top 5 lily bulbs that thrive in St. Louis

“Regale” (any variety.) Species.
White center, looks like an Easter lily. Some varieties have dark pink on recurve. Blooms in June.

“Royal Sunset”  Longiflorum-Asiatic. 
Gold, orange and yellow. Blooms in June.

“Black Beauty”  Oriental-Trumpet.
 Deep red, white edges, small flowers. Blooms in July.

“Scheherazade” Oriental-Trumpet.
 Deep red centers, cream edges. Blooms in July.

“Silk Road” Oriental-Trumpet.
Red centers, white edges. Large flowers, heavy scent. Blooms in July.

Other bulbs that do well in St. Louis

“Tiger Babies” Asiatic.
Pale orange with spots, blooms in June.

“Iowa Rose” Asiatic.
Rose with spots, blooms in June.

“Sun Ray” Asiatic.
Yellow. Blooms in June.

“Kentucky” Longiflorum Asiatic.
Pale orange with spots, blooms in June.

“Red Alert” Longiflorum Asiatic.
Deep dark red, blooms in June.

“Serrada” Longiflorum Asiatic.
Bright yellow, blooms in June.

“Royal Trinity” Longiflorum Asiatic.
Peach, blooms in early June.

“Eyeliner” Longiflorum Asiatic.
Cream with purple edge, bloom in June.

“Anastasia” Oriental-Trumpet.
 Pink and white, large flowers, blooms in July. Scented.

“Robina” Oriental-Trumpet.
Dark pink, large flowers, blooms in July. Scented.

“Flashpoint”   Oriental-Trumpet.
Dark Red with white edges, large flowers. Scented.

“Nightflyer”  Asiatic.
 Dark purple, almost black. Blooms in June.

Most L. A. (Longiflorum-Asiatic) lilies are very reliable in St. Louis. They come in a wide range of colors, and they bloom early June – late June.

Many, but not all, Oriental-Trumpet lilies and Asiatic lilies do well in St. Louis. Hardiness depends on the cultivar.

--By Kim Peterson


  1. I have a bi-color Asiatic Lily that I cannot recall the name. It looks like the one in your blog box. Its has orangish salmon colored center with a few dark speckled and pink tips. Has darker stamens, I think that's what the pollen filled antenna looking things in the center are called not sure, but I know they hold a lot of pollen. Its currently in bloom. Please help me identify this lily. Resembles Cancun, but more pink and salmon colored. I planted in in honor of my Great Niece, Lily when she was born. I want to give her a division, but need to know the name. I lost the plant marker and have been searching, but not sure. Looks like a cross between Roselle and Cancun. Thanks so much for your help! Kathleen Carlton

  2. Hello Kathleen. Your Lily sounds like Lilium 'Royal Sunset', which is a bi-color Longiflorum-Asiatic that has shades of pink and salmon colors. Hope this is helpful.